Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What to do about Marijuana Convicts

The sudden death of Judge Joe LaTurner is sad to think about. He was a great man.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of visiting with Joe for an hour while he sat in for his brother Jack at Jack's Self-Serv while Jack went to lunch. Jack was my classmate in the GHS Class of 1948.

The Judge and I talked about our nation's current drug policy. He agreed with me that the entire drug policy is based on myths and falsehoods, as pointed out in the books I have donated to the Galena Public Library. I told him that I have my own ideas as to the ideal direction our Drug Policy should take, and my ideas are based on several years of rather intensive study.

I believe that all laws prohibiting marijuana should be abolished. Furthermore, I believe that all of the people in prison for violations of those unjust laws should be pardoned and released.

The part that really impressed His Honor Judge Joe LaTurner was this ==> I believe that each and every one of those pardoned and released prisoners should be offered a full four-year scholarship to the University or Vocational Training of their choice.

When I said that, Joe's jaw dropped, and, wide-eyed, he said, "That's a good idea!"

At that moment Jack returned from lunch and I never saw Joe again.

PS ==> Any interested citizens, particularly Law Enforcement Officers, are invited to investigate -- and join -- Law Enforcement Against Prohibition "L.E.A.P,"


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